Friday, June 12, 2009

Catching up

Monday’s photo. Joe and the kids. This was supposed to be a semi-serious photo for Ann to take to show her children. Ann is my mom’s oldest sister. We met her officially for the first time. It’s a long story and those that need to know it, know it.

Tuesday’s photo. Just another photo of Tippy. She usually around when I’m outside and she takes awesome photos. I really like this one.

Wednesday’s photo. This is one of three hydrants on our property. Although the other 2 work, this one doesn't. If you look closely you can see a spider (and its web), a cottonwood seed and a fly all on the hydrant.

Thursday’s photo. Just Soldier Boy looking for a little tummy rub. Just don't do it too hard or too long or he will let you know that he's not happy!  Although this photo has had 10 views on Flickr, no one has commented. That is unusual for one of my cat photos. Maybe it’s just Soldier Boy – an earlier shot of him didn’t get any comments either. Oh, well, at least Presten and I think he’s a neat cat!

I haven’t edited today’s photos yet. I will do them tomorrow. I did participate in Cassie’s 30 Minute Masterpiece Chat at Designer Digitals tonight. I’ve tried before but didn’t come close to finishing. Tonight I actually finished and am pleased with the layout.


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