Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My user name around the Internet is Yellowsunnybear. How did I end up with that? Very simple. Several years ago I was trying to find a user name for a site that I was signing up for (I don't even remember which one). I had a new kitten named Sunny that was pretty special to me because he was blind and he really amazing me at how oblivious he was to that fact. So I tried using "Sunny" but that was taken. Then I tried "Sunnybear" (one of his nicknames). Next I tried "Littlebear." That was also taken. Then I tried Yellowsunnybear because Sunny is a yellow (orange) cat. That was available so I took it. I liked it and decided to use it everywhere to keep things simple. So here is my sweet Sunny - first as a baby then more recently.

Sept9 010 170

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